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Yardbury - Rotary Head Cladding

Rotary Head Cladding

Our rotary head cladding system is the latest step of upgrading the welding process aimed at reducing the weld manufacture time.

Combined with the Twinarc TIG process, weld times have been reduced by up to 75% of that possible with conventional cladding systems by reducing set up and component handling time.  Other advantages of the system include increased levels of metal deposit rates with no impact on weld quality. 

The rotary head cladding system overcomes conventional difficulties to produce quality results in tasks such as valve pockets, bores, non-circular surfaces (racetracks, cavities, etc) and flat plates, etc.

The system is used to clad the full range of wellhead components (surface and subsea), marine diesel engine valves, pistons bores, pump casings and Christmas trees.

Yardbury - Rotary Head Cladding
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